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Cargo Insurance

Do I really need cargo insurance; I've never had anything happen to my shipments!?!?


all the more reason to answer....yes! The odds are not in your favor!

Avoid the uncertainty of recovery from carriers. Importers and Exporters are exposed to countless financial risks when international cargo is not insured.  Trying to recover losses or damages from carriers is difficult and time consuming.  The best way to protect your financial interests is all risk insurance coverage.  It relieves you of your financial exposure from physical loss or damage while your goods are in transit. 

Consider that since carriers have limted liability, even on declared value shipments, you must prove the cause of the loss, that it occurred while in the carrier's possession, and that they are liable. Consider losses due to storms (Acts of God) are not covered by carriers.  Consider that even if you prove liability, air shipments are only covered for $9.07/lb or $20/kg and ocean shipments for $500 per shipping unit.

As agents for Exporters and Importers, the Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker serve an integral function in the international sales transaction.  Here are some specific reasons to purchase your cargo insurance from John P. Coston Company:

  • We buy insurance in volume so rates are more competitive
  • Cargo policies are broader offering better coverage
  • We assist in filing claims if needed
  • Domestic insurance providers for smoother resolution
  • Security in knowing that your goods are covered


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