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Located in the heart of Texas:

John P. Coston and Company, Inc.

2929 Mossrock - ste 208

San Antonio, Texas 78230

United States of America

Telephone: (210) 828-3940

Telefax: (210) 828-3934

Email: mail@johnpcoston.com


Email Management Staff Contact Information:


Patricia Coston Dzierzanowski, President/General Manager, Ext 21,

Email: pat@johnpcoston.com

Stacie L. Crabtree, Sec-Treas/Accountant/Asst. General Manager, Ext 13,

Email: stacie@johnpcoston.com

Thomas L. Hannasch, Import Manager, Ext 11,

Email: tom@johnpcoston.com

Andrew Rushefski, Export Manager, Ext 16,

Email: andy@johnpcoston.com

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Contact Us


Telephone: (210)828-3940

Telefax: (210)828-3934

Email: mail@johnpcoston.com